Welcome to Wheeoo

Can all aspects of your automotive be readily managed online or via your mobile phone?

That's our mission; Giving the motorists the power to manage, control and make the automotive world more open and connected.

Company Overview
Wheeoo primary aim is to connect to motorists through a fundamentally simple and relevant relationship, their automobile. We look to connect millions of motorists, shop owners, vendors, and in large, the entire automotive industry in a user-friendly, easy to find and navigate location.

Designed with social relativity in mind, motorists and non-motorists may easily connect to keep up with new and old friends, establish new relationships based on similar cars and interests, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, get quotes on car related work, manage your automobile maintenance records, communicate with mechanics around the world and learn more about yourself than ever before. Yes, wheeoo is about you.

Our network system
Operative Word: Commonality

1. The state of sharing features or attributes.
2. A shared feature or attribute.

Once you've signed up with wheeoo, you are automatically placed in a network. This network immediately links you to other motorists that drive the same automobile as you by either Make, Model and even Year!

In a truly organic network and community. You start off with friends!

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