$8,000,000.00 for a car?

Man oh man, the beef in the industry. So Cash Money CEO birdman spends mad money on a whip, tweets about it but has yet paid it down yet! An $8 Million dollars Maybach Exelero, man, thats an expensive car in which to pick lil wayne up from jail.

pictured here:

in RED

To further aggravate matters, Birdman has been beefing with icon Jay Z over who's got more cheddar. Jay Z sits on top of $450 Million dollars, $25 Million short of Sean P Diddy Combs and about $350 Million stronger than 50 Cents. While Birdman exaggerates his networth, bloating it to $550+ Million dollars, Forbes has tabulated his worth and has come up with a figure between $110 Million and $100 Million. He has just a tad bit more money than myself. Roughly about $110,000,000 dollars more than me, once I pay down my debt! Wink

To give you a sound reason why Birdman may have assumed his worth is more than it actually is, Cash Money has been a cash cow money from its inception. Look below to see how they did yearly from 93 on....... 2002 - $120 Million dollars? wow.

The Following is Cash Money Records, LLC gross income statements from 1993-2010

1993 - $818,512.88
1994 - $577,200.12
1995 - $1,305,645.08
1996 - $667,045.23
1997 - $2,540,536.02
1998 - $39,103,045.13
1999 - $27,012,445.76
2000 - $81,035,050.95
2001 - $17,667,350.53
2002 - $117,875,097.44
2003 - $9,350,426.00
2004 - $6,430,546.53
2005 - $17,530,342.65
2006 - $33,024,214.02
2007 - $31,530,046.44
2008 - $46,035,757.67
2009 - $34,503,200.44
2010 - $20,403,222.00

Total Gross Income: $632,503,262.45

But even with figures that would make the likes of Donald Trump jealous, the overpriced Maybach isn't so sound. The $8 Million dollars Maybach Exelero was originally built as a concept vehicle to showcase a new line of high-end tires called Exelero. Baby decided that, he's going to place that nice whip in his garage for now. After all, the $2 million red Bugatti Veyron or the $1.5M V12 Maybach 62 Landaulet that Baby owns may notbe good enough to pick Lil Wayne up from jail, nowadays?
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