2008 Honda Accord Window Switch Broken

This weekend, I tried messing around with my Accord's window switch because the front passenger switch broke. I attempted to fix it myself to no avail. So I popped the entire master switch box out and tried to see if something possibly came undone or came loose.

I realized quickly that nothing came out of place and the sensitive button was just busted. In the process of trying to get it to work, I tried popping the driver side switch ( dumb move ), ended up breaking that one too. Now the window would go down but won't come up! Daing it.

I decided to do a quick search and call a few dealerships around to find a replacement switch.
Price $149.00 + tax wow. I was in no mood to drop that much money.

I was able to find a new switch online for $105.00 on a random site. Still I thought this was too much, I need a junkyard switch for under a $100 bucks. After doing some quick search on ebay, I found All Auto Parts in Fontana, California. Victor at All Auto Parts said he had a switch for $50.00 plus tax if I wanted to pick it up or he'll ship it.

I rolled out to Fontana early morning with my driver side window down because I couldnt put it up from Orange County all the way to Fontana with the AC blasting, yet still hot.

I got there, bought the switch, did a minor swap and voila...........I'm back in business.

So the moral of the story is, don't be in a rush to pay high prices for parts, do a little research. Sure the switch can go back in 6 months but there's no assurance that a new $150.00 switch will not give me the same problem.

Now, the funniest part of this story is the fact that I completely forgot that Hondas and many other Japanese makes allow you to stick the keys in the driver side door and automatically control the window locking the door and rolling all 4 windows up from outside the vehicle.

I wish I had remembered that when I decided to drive down to get my new switch.
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