How to remove Window Master switch in 2008 Honda Accord

To remove the master switch from your 2008 Honda Accord.

It looks like this:

Use a small flat head screw driver and softly pry under the edge of the plastic unit connected to the arm rest. There are no screws to remove. The master window switch is removed as a single unit. Once removed, there will be 2 wire connectors. In each connected there will be a small pin and graphical guide on the part that will explain how to remove it.

Slighly push the pins in the appropriate direction and you can easily removed the wire connectors.

The switch prices vary from $65 - $150.00 -

Depending on where you get it from. It is a simple fix, you do not need to pay the dealership $95 for the installation and removal of the part. You can do it yourself within minutes. I removed and replaced my unit within 2.5 minutes!
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