Acura Concept NSX comes to you in 2014!

Back in 1991, Eyeballs were pleasantly surprised! Presenting Acura NSX

I recall vividly when Acura shipped its most daring and aesthetically advance sports car of the decade in 1991 with the beautiful NSX. Other brands were scrambling to mimick the slick design of this futuristic monster wheel!

Fast forward to 2014

Acura will attempt to reproduce and re-invigorate the love of the NSX with this new beauty.

Unfortunately, the terrain is such that, hyundai and even GMC are making daring design looks that are pushing the envelope ever so much more. The slippery slope that Acura has to climb to re-invent the NSX in the eyes of this generation bombarded with images of perfection cocooned with technological advances that allows imagination to violate reality, will make this then shocker an everyday dud!
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