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Waterloo Magnum

Exceeding industry standards!

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Welcome to Wheeoo

Wheeoo was founded on the premise that all aspects of your automotive need should be readily managed online. Our mission is to give motorists the power to manage, control, share and make the automotive world more open and connected.

Company Overview
Wheeoo primary aim is to connect to all motorists through a fundamentally simple and relevant relationship, their automobile. We look to connection millions of motorists, shop owners, vendors, and in large, the entire automotive industry in one easily to find location.

Designed with social relativity in mind, motorists and non-motorists may easily connect to keep up with friends, those with similar cars and interests, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, get quotes on car related work and learn more about the people they meet.

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Other ways to connect with us:
Visit the Wheeoo Blog at http://blog.wheeoo.com/
Follow us on Twitter: @Wheeoo

Some highlighted Services
Network - Network with like-minded auto owners
Services - Your automobile services logged into our system for future need.
Bids/Coupons - Bid your car service and get deep-discounted service coupons.
Service Management - Tracking your last and next auto service, automatically.
Insurance - Agents can quote and bid for your insurance services.

Wheeoo Circle network system

Connect to motorists with similar cars and share relevant information.


WheeooBid beta!


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