Privacy matters at a glance!

Information we receive and how it is used
The information collected from our various partners for your automobile is NOT now public and will never be public.
The maintenance information remains the property of the motorist and under the governance of the auto repair shop.
Wheeoo offers the auto repair shop a platform to publish and display its customer's information for the customer's use.

Sharing and finding you on Wheeoo
Familiarize yourself with the privacy settings of wheeoo, and how it helps you control your information on

Sharing with other websites and applications
Currently, wheeoo does not share information with other website but allows other services to connect through our api.
Many of these services function as data partners, transferring relevant information for our respective motorists.

How advertising works
Advertising is the bread and butter of many services. Inquire directly with us to see how ads are served without sharing your information with advertisers. It is imperative that you know how wheeoo combines ads with newsfeed-style social context.

Minors and Safety
Our minimum age limit is 15 years old. Wheeoo currently limit its membership to our network service in order to protect minors.
Minors may retain membership with the consent of parents.

Corporate API Information

Software Company Indemnification

Indemnification information - If you are an Auto Repair Shop Software Management company and would like information on the topic of indemnification, please do not hesitate to click contact us and chose category VENDORS, API & SOFTWARE Companies.